Beauty business owners can feel lost and lack confidence when it comes to attracting new clients & making more sales.


I am a licensed & certified beauty & sunless professional who helps other pro's save time & make more money by effectively reaching aligned dream clients and multiplying profits 🥂

You're probably here because you know that...

more clients = more sales

more sales = a thriving successful business!

But what if you could save time with an efficient marketing strategy too?? So you can stop using a throw-spaghetti-at-the-wall method!

Hi! I'm Jen!

AKA Glow Boss 💗

I know firsthand that it's entirely possible for you to start living a life beyond your wildest dreams, packed with those family vacations you've been meaning to take & a bank account with more zeros then you know what to do with!

Below 👇🏼 are all of my easy to use, step-by-step strategies rolled up into internationally accredited, DIY, easy to implement online programs!

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Online Coaching Programs for Sunless, Esthetic and Beauty Professionals who are Ready to Level Up their Business by Attracting Dream Clients, with Easy to understand Marketing